Storm Response

We’re always one step ahead

Dealing with emergencies is the forte of any great construction company. At Diamond D Industries, our team of experts leverages a proactive approach that always pays off in the event of an unprecedented disaster. We strive to mitigate the risks and focus on the most salvageable aspects of an affected site. No matter what kind of property there is, we use a highly tailor-made plan to find the best restoration alternative and focus on immediate implementation without delay.

Emergency Response Services

At Diamond D Industries, our emergency response team exhibits unparalleled storm restoration capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else. Our pre-planning and pre-positioning of assets allow our team to be on-site within hours of any man-made or natural disaster.

Services and Equipment:

  • Temporary Lodging/Housing
  • Catering/Food Services
  • Fuel Services
  • Mobile Hygiene & Laundry
  • Ice/Drinking Water
  • Site Security
  • Temporary Power
  • Waste Management
  • Asset Recovery