Site Work

Site Work

We extend unbeatable site preparation capabilities through a late model equipment fleet. These not only clear out space but make it viable for a new building project. Our team of specialists prepares all types of landscapes to fit your construction requirements.

Commercial Borrow and Disposal Site

As part of our suite of properties, Diamond D operates a 138- acre commercial borrow and disposal site located in Lake Charles, La. This location is strategically positioned to provide structural, general, and sand fill material to current and future projects east of the Calcasieu River.

Mass Excavation: We remove the top layers of soil as well as other undesired materials to get your land ready for construction. This is executed through safe strategies that help retain the strength of your foundation while flattening out the surface to an acceptable extent.

Stripping: One of the most important pre-construction steps in getting the land ready is stripping. This procedure helps bring the condition of the site to a workable state. Our expert technicians conduct each step in the stripping process to ensure that it goes well and lays the foundation for further building.

Embankment: To build railways and roads on rugged terrains, our specialists work on an embankment to raise the level of the ground above a certain level. This is strategically executed with the right tools and equipment to ensure that flooding and water seepage don’t become a problem down the line.

Levees: Our professionals create levees to prevent water flow to buildings and other areas of construction. By leveraging a suite of equipment and years of expertise, we help set the foundation for new cities and communities near the river.

Aggregate Surfacing: Our aggregate compositions are applied as earthy coatings to surfaces for protection, aesthetic purposes, and more. This can include gravel, rock, or forms of concrete for construction layering. We use the best materials to limit permeability and increase water resistance for construction.

Roads: Preparing for travel infrastructure to facilitate people and vehicles moving from one place to another is our strong suit. Our team of professionals has years of experience building roads and laying down a strong foundation for their construction.

Parking: Diamond D Industries has been deployed countless times to plan, design, and construct state-of-the-art parking lots for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We make sure that the overall layout is complementary to nearby site structures and stick to the client’s instructions from start to finish.

Laydown: We specialize in the construction of material, equipment storage, and staging yards, particularly those located in less-than-ideal ground conditions. The expertise of our team allows us to design and install temporary and permanent laydown yards of any size, regardless of their weights or quantities.