Environmental Protection & Restoration

We offer a complete suite of restoration services that bring a damaged or neglected site back to its original condition. We are spearheaded by a team of specialists with ample experience working on ecosystems that are dubbed degraded by legal standards.

We are incredibly thorough with our approach to restoration. By using the right technology to ensure that all aspects of ecological restoration are carefully catered to, we yield positive results that help the client. Our goal is to return a site to pre-construction conditions while always abiding by certain compliance standards.

When the land being treated stretches beyond 1 acre, our SWPP Installation & Maintenance solutions can help you meet stormwater discharge requirements. We strategize, execute and test different methods of implementation so that there is minimal runoff from construction sites into natural water bodies.

Our goal is to put a stop to stormwater pollution which is why our SWPPP solutions aren’t simply limited to controlling. We do this by limiting sediment build-up and tackling aggravating erosion issues through natural vegetation and other approved environmentally friendly methods

Post-construction cleanup and disposal is an integral part of environmental restoration. No matter how large the site may be, building or renovation projects can leave a lot of trash and waste materials behind. Our responsibility is to separate hazardous and non-hazardous materials and ensure safe disposal methods that don’t compromise environmental integrity. We use metal detectors to separate things in the rubble to guarantee that nothing dangerous is ever disposed of the wrong way. Our comprehensive environmental response is built upon tried and tested strategies known to deliver amazing restoration results to our clients.

Our grading and re-grading solutions are a viable part of the overall environmental restoration process as we raise and lower the ground level to return the site to normal conditions. Our team can also level the base or introduce a specifically slanted slope across the area. This service includes the setting up of a fresh foundation that can be used for further construction and building. At the same time, we counterstrike against all the threats to the environmental landscape by finding fixes for widespread fragmentation. To top it off, regrading also features thorough garden improvement as well as drainage through reliable stormwater systems.

The best way to introduce life back to an environmentally depleted area of land is by planting more trees. At Diamond D Industries, our nature experts carry out an extensive seeding and planting program whereby we return lush greenery to dull landscapes. Our experts use scientifically-backed reforestation techniques including stump sprouting, periodic watering, and much more. We boost regeneration through our multi-faceted strategies that not only pay off in the long run but exhibit positive signs of natural reintegration a lot sooner than expected.