Lake Charles, Louisiana Industrial Loop Energized Rebuild


Entergy Services, LLC


Entergy Louisiana, LLC


Lake Charles, Louisiana

Period of Performance

September 2018 – May 2022

The scope of work for this project called for our team to provide all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to provide right-of-way access and support services for the client’s transmission line contractors. Based upon our ability to successfully navigate through challenging projects and site conditions, Diamond D was chosen by the client to participate in this first of a kind project performing maintenance on high voltage power transmission lines while energized. 

Our team worked closely with City and Parish Officials to procure all requires permitting as well as developed and implemented all traffic control plans and procedures. Diligent coordination and communication of any conflicting infrastructure/ landowner owner (pipeline, utility, rail, etc.) was a must throughout this project. Additional work included clearing vegetation to accommodate the required footprint of live-line equipment, supply of corrugated metal casings, transportation and delivery of transmission structures to their final location and supply/delivery/installation of required limestone backfill. DDI handled the transportation, reduction and disposal of all demolished structures and associated equipment as well as provided the cleanup, grading, and restoration of the work site once the work was completed. Despite the abrupt schedule changes and dynamic project needs encountered during this project, DDI safely performed our work scope without a single delay to the project schedule. 



DDI’s Human Performance Advantage Program set the standard for this project as each team member utilized our systematic approach to reducing errors and at-risk behavior by identifying the source of the causing factors – this is our “Total Safety Culture.” 

DDI’s meticulous safety program raised the bar for working on projects involving timber matting access. Our team knew the value of investing in custom fabricated equipment which helped to provide a more safe and efficient operation. These standards were recognized by the client which were then implemented companywide (by the client). 

Completed all work with ZERO OSHA recordables despite working in a multitude of hazardous working conditions including close proximity to energized power lines, congested petrochemical plants, and close proximity to high traffic on well-travelled state highways. 

Over 3 years without a restricted dum, lost time or recordable safety incident. 

All work on this project was 100% self- performed by Diamond D. 


Over 750,000
timber mats were transported, placed, removed, and relocated 

of pipeline air bridge crossings 

Over 400
sections of large diameter corrugated pipe 

Over 15,000 tons
of limestone 

Over 33,000 tons
of sand 

Over 900 cubic yards
of cast in place concrete 

Over 25 DOT
permitted lane/ road closures