Hurricane Laura Transmission Asset Recovery


Entergy Services, LLC


Entergy Services, LLC


Southwest, Louisiana

Period of Performance

September 2020 - May 2021

Diamond D was awarded this project due to our proven performance of exceeding expectations on prior storm recovery projects. This project consisted of the recovery of Entergy assets that had been destroyed by Hurricane Laura, specifically the recovery of all damaged material for recycling purposes. DDI’s scope of work included dismantling and removing from rights-of-way all damaged transmission structures, poles, anchors, guys, transformers, insulators, and conductor. All recovered materials were segregated by type and delivered to designated recycling facilities. In addition, all rights-of-way were restored to pre-storm conditions, including grading and seeding of impacted areas and installation of fencing, gates and access/egress locations. 

Throughout this project, DDI encountered numerous challenges. The most notable challenge was having to cut structures into pieces using excavator-mounted shears due to stored energy hazards. Individual pieces were transported to right-of-way access points for placement in roll-off containers for recycling as well as segregating materials by type. DDI’s team successfully handled this dangerous task due to our meticulous Safety and Human Performance Program. All damaged infrastructure material was removed from rights-of-way to both client and landowner satisfaction without a single injury. 



Zero recordables and lost time incidents 

Trucks logged 33,176 hours of transportation time without a safety incident 

All work on this project was 100% self-performed by Diamond D 

20 designated trucks continuously transported a fleet of 235 roll-off containers from right-of-way locations to designated recycling facilities 

Workforce consisted of approximately 75 personnel 


3,477,767 lbs
of steel 

8,800 lbs
of aluminum 

154,223 lbs
of porcelain 

1,461,920 lbs
of mixed 

8,640 lbs
of wire 

5,111,350 lbs
of recyclables salvaged