Golden Meadow to Fourchon 115kV Emergency Rebuild 


Entergy Services, LLC


North Houston Pole Line, LP


Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Period of Performance

September 2021-May 2022

Diamond D was awarded this project in 2021 which consisted of storm restoration/support for Entergy Distribution from Golden Meadow to Grand Isle, Louisiana. Work was performed day and night as our team installed mats to meet tight deadlines in the marsh with complex matting designs in order to hold heavy equipment in the soft terrain. The support provided by our team consisted of matting, foundation backfill, airboats, material transport, oversize load transportation, hydro excavation, and tug and barge for water transportation of heavy equipment and materials. Throughout the duration of the project, Diamond D has installed/removed 18,427 mats as well as accepted/installed 70,500 tons of limestone, riprap, and sand. Of major note, the team completed over 15 miles of complete distribution rebuild and hardening of the system with caissons. 



Zero recordables and lost time incidents

All work on this project was 100% self-performed by Diamond D


Accepted and installed 

70,500 tons
of material (limestone, riprap, and sand) 

mats were installed and removed 

workhours to date and the project is on-going