Safe. Adaptable. Committed.

Since its inception in 2010, Diamond D Industries has become the nation’s leading women-owned heavy construction specialist. Based in South Louisiana, DDI offers clearing, access, site preparation, logistics, and storm response services throughout North America.

We thrive on developing solutions to complex projects for our clients. Our extensive portfolio of services is an extension of our specialized talents and commitment to each client, no matter the size.

Challenge Impossible = Mission Accomplished:

Our holistic approach to project management results from our understanding of the value of integrating with our clients and putting their needs first. Our team at DDI is renowned for “pulling off the impossible,” so much so that we refer to it as the “new” standard. These standards are rooted in the comprehensive industry knowledge and experience of our team members to provide our clients with a comprehensive package without compromising on client specifications, safety, and preserving our environment.